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Cada vez que una persona da un paso al frente proporcionando información sobre conductas de dopaje, estamos más cerca de un campo de juego justo y limpio para todos. Sabemos que proporcionar información sensible sobre dopaje es una decisión importante que merece reflexión. Por ello, aplaudimos el coraje y el compromiso que requiere decidir remitir información sobre dopaje a las autoridades responsables.

With the use of this form you have chosen to trust in us and we take that with the responsibility it deserves. This mechanism is a safe way in which you can report any activity that can be considered as breaking the rules. ONAD-PAN invites any person that has information about any supposed doping case to share it with us, we guarantee it will be confidential.


The identity of the person who shares the information will be anonymous, with the exception of the user sharing its contact information with ONAD-PAN to start direct communication to deepen the information given. This system shall only be used to give truthful and complete information about related behaviors with doping in sports, for this reason it is important to present evidence that let ONAD-PAN start a formal investigation or send this information the competent organisms.


Any information given to ONAD-PAN will be archived, evaluated and used in accordance with the International Standard for Testing and Investigation, the Guidelines of Information Gathering and Intelligence Sharing, and Informed policy by WADA-AMA, as well as the protection of data norms that may apply for the procedure.

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